I have a background in both art and business, and find that running The Drawing Board lets me combine all my skills. Outside of work I enjoy quilting, gardening and art journaling.
E.M. Walsh Studio
Picture Framer
I have been framing at The Drawing Board since 2000. I enjoy working with my hands and seeing the variety of artwork our customers bring in.
Picture Framer
Frame making, object mounting, textile stitching, canvas stretching are some of my concerns here. I enjoy trouble shooting complex framing fabrication problems. Some of my extended interests are painting, architecture, astronomy, and analog robotics.
Picture Framer
I've worked at The Drawing Board since 2013. I enjoy the process of working with our customers to design sturdy, interesting framing for unique artwork.
The Front Gallery
Art Materials Clerk
I am a working artist based in Montpelier. Art materials are a major inspiration for me due to the vast possibilities they allow. I tirelessly explore pigments, paints and their properties, and pursue new skills and techniques.
Alana's Studio
Art Materials Clerk
I find working in an environment surrounded by art supplies inspiring. In my free time, I enjoy paper cutting and experimenting with new art materials.
A E Blake Art
Customer Relations
At work, I enjoy greeting customers and napping behind the counter. In my free time I like to hike, chew on things and hang out with my kitty friends.